Information about the dog:
Reg. no:EST-MIX-464
Breed:Mixed breed (MIX)
Date of birth:
Owner:Raina Jeeberg
According to decision of EKU board, dog is not allowed to participate in official trials and competitions during period of 09.08.2020-08.08.2021.
Results (3):
all  IPO-R KK
08.08.2020RH-FL VtrialEPKÜMargot LuukasRaina Jeebergdisq.
18.06.2020KK-1trialTSKKUrve LagedaRaina Jeeberg84goodKK-1
15.02.2020KK-1competitionARTICUSMargot LuukasTeunis Elbertus Tijsseling76satisfactoryKK-17
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