New pictures of Nali: 7 to 8 months; 8 to 9 months.

On Dec 12 we took part in he obedience competition for puppies (middle class) organized by EKSL and achieved 1st place as we were only team on this level. Result 91.5 points, Nali failed the long down exercise (30 sec), but we actually have not done it much in training, so we are happy with the result! Pictures in the gallery of EKSL About us: 1 2
Events: added some pictures of dobes presented at Tartu International Dogsow 2004.
Oct 17 we took part in the obedience competition for puppies organized by Uran and achieved 1st place among 10 competitors with 99 points ("very good")!!!

Events: pictures from Uran's tracking + obedience (PJK) competition.
Nali's gallery updated: 5 to 6 months.

On Oct 9, Nali's mother Fjordneck Brio Bolero passed ZTP, result V 1A! Congratulations to owners!
Naliweb now also in English!
Sept 24 we took part in the obedience competition for puppies (our first time!), organized by Estonian Dogsports Association and recieved 88 points ("good") and 6th (also the last) place, because during the heeling exercise Nali decided that it was more interesting to sniff the ground; result: 8p of possible 20. Other elements went really well :). Pictures in the gallery of EKSL. About us: 1
Events: added pictures from Uran's Obedience Cup (4th stage) and playing meeting for puppies.
Sept 04-05 Nali and me took part in tracking seminar organized by GSD Club Uran. Tracking is not so easy ... ;)

Nali's new pictures: 4-5 month old.
New pictures added: Nali visiting Dolly and having summer holidays.
Events: pictures from protection training

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Events: pictures from EDA's Puppies Day.
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Nali is 4 months now!
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