26.11 EKSL KK exam (judge Vilve Roosioks):
KK-2: Haus Riback Adele & Mari Ojarand 135p (excellent)!
KK-2 stands for the second level of Estonian national obedience. In the beginning of November it looked like I would have to postpone the exam to next spring, but as the end of the month was unusually warm, we had the chance to try now. I was very satisfied with Nali's perfomance and it was a nice finish to this training season.
Events: pictures from EKSL winter camp (18-19.11.2006). Unfortunately the weather was so foggy, that the quality is quite poor :(.
Events: pictures from ESLÜ FH trial (22.10.2006).
Events: pictures from Estonian obedience championship (17.09.2006). First time the winner was dobermann!!

Nali's littermate Haus Riback Adolf passed ZTP test in Finland, the result was SG 1A!
In the last protection training Nali's bitework resembling IPO-1 C part was filmed :). Video (12.5 MB) can be seen here! Thank you Kaidi and Aivo.

Events: added pictures from 2nd day of ESLÜ IPO championship, IPO-3 (27.08.2006).
Events: pictures from the 1st day of ESLÜ IPO championship, IPO-1 & IPO-2 (26.08.2006).

Nali's dam Fjordneck Brio Bolero participated in Finnish IPO championship for all breeds and finished with 12th place, the score was 70/87/98 = 255, the C part was high in trial! Congratulations Mika & Kirsi!!!
Events: pictures from ESLÜ KK championship (19.08.2006).

Aug 5-13 there was training camp in Pärnu, supervised by Ludek Silhavy from Czech (his homepage). I watched some obedience and protection trainings, that were very interesting and different from others I've seen before. I also did one protection training with Nali, some pictures from it can be found in the gallery. Liis took photos, thanks!!
Events: pictures from agility competition (20.08.2006).
Events: pictures from EKSL PJK championship (11.08.2006).

Nali is advertising Estonian obedience championship 2006! :))

Since Aug 6 we have first IPO-3 dobermann in Estonia - Hainide Ona-Orcana, handler Aivo Oblikas!
Events: pictures from Canis club's training camp in Andineeme(28-30.07.2006).
Events: pictures from EKSL IPO championship (30.06-1.07.2006). The competition was held in Tamsalu, judge Pentti Rapila (Finland). There were 11 dogs!
Events: pictures from ESLÜ IPO competition (17-18.06.2006) in Tallinn, judge Keijo Kodis (Finland). We have 2 IPO-3 dogs more now :).
Changed Nali's gallery, so that the newer galleries are displayed first. Added pictures from last protection training (31.05).

Events: other dogs of our group at the same training and EDÜ speciality show (4.06.2006).
Events: added pictures from EDÜ KK championship 2006.
Events: added pictures from FCI obedience (SK) competition, that was among teams each consisting of dogs of the same breed.
The competition was held on asphalt and beside busy show-rings. From this event our new official result! FCI obedience novice class (SK ALG) I grade, 188.5p (max 200). This was the second best result of the day (10 dogs in class). Judge was Kaja Koor, who mentioned at the end of our perfomance, that she would have given us also 11 points for the general impression :)). The dobermann-team was 4th out of 7 teams.
Video of our KK-1 perfomance here! Thank you, Aivo.
EDA Championship in KK (national obedience) 2006 (judge Esta Ratnik):
KK-1: Haus Riback Adele & Mari Ojarand I place 135p (excellent, max 140p)!!!
There were 8 dogs competing in KK-1, also congratulations to all our nice training companions, who achieved good results!

This is our first official trial result and we are very pleased :)). KK-1 is not a "big result", but still a kind of proof for me, that a absolute beginner with his/her first dog can get results. Of course we would not be anywhere without the help of our good supervisors (Marika Mikk, Tatjana Tšernjakova, Aivo Oblikas) and fun training companions. Thanks for everyone!
Events: pictures from Keila's Cup in SK.
May 13-14 I took part in a obedience and protection seminar supervised by Tommi Vanhala (Finland), organizer was dog-sport center "Canis". Pictures at the events gallery (1st day, 2nd day).

Nali's brother passed successfully BH test and test for Finnish army dogs on May 5-6. Congratulations!
Events: pictures from SK and KK competition in Keila.
On March 25 I went to a seminar by TAKO, where the trainer was Ismael De Vos (Belgium). Some pictures are in the events gallery.
Added pictures from summer 2005 (the concept is better late than never :P)

Nali's pictures:
Nali and Farah at river Emajõgi
Nali having summer holidays in Otepää
Some obedience and tracking

Events: ESLÜ championships in 2005 - PJK ja KK.
Naliweb has new gallery-system!!! As first test added pictures from Nali's last protection training with Aivo Oblikas. Thank you, Kristiina, for taking the photos!

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