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02.09 EDA IPO trial (judge Vilve Roosioks, helper Aivo Oblikas):
IPO-1: Haus Riback Adele & Mari Ojarand 20/94/95 TSB A (total: unsatisfactory).
Our first attempt to achieve result in IPO. This time it was one track short:). Tracking field was nicely covered with vegetation and moisty, but on the same time the wind was strong and our track area had many car tracks. Nali was not concentrated enough right from the start and did not have the experience to solve the problematic moments. She found first article, but went over the first corner and did not find the track after that anymore. Obedience and protection part were both high "very good"!

18.08 ESLÜ championship in obedience (KK; judge Esta Ratnik):
KK3: Haus Riback Adele & Mari Ojarand 5th place 115.5p (good).
At this competition it was not possible to try the jumps before the trial :(. The organizers stated, that the 3rd level dog should work whereever and with every piece of equipment. Ok, there is truth in it, but there is still possibility for the official training at IPO world championships for example :). The hurdle was yellow and made of canvas and unfortunately we had never trained anything but wooden kind. It could seen from the behaviour of Nali that she just could not understand she was supposed to jump over this strange thing. So -20p from this exercise and another -4,5p from the rest. Still 5th place among 12 competitors.
Events: IDC IPO World Championship for dobermanns 2007 in Slovakia, 2nd day
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Events: IDC IPO Championship 2007 in Slovakia, training and 1st day. Nali's mother Fjordneck Brio Bolero (handler Mika Myyry) was 13th with the result 88+89+94=271!! All results here.

Nali's pictures: Helping to prepare new helpers
Protection demo at public dog-event
Video (17.4 MB) from our perfomance at Estonian obedience (KK) championship.
09.06 Estonian Championship in KK (national obedience) for all breeds 2007 (judge Esta Ratnik):
KK3: Haus Riback Adele & Mari Ojarand I place 134p (excellent), Estonian obedience champions 2007!!!

I wish to thank my good trainers Aivo, Tanja and Marika, who have had the feeling that we could become something ;), also to other nice "co-fighters", especially in the protection training group!! There were 13 dogs in the competition, only dobermanns on the podium this year (2nd place Agni & Riada, 3rd place Aivo & Deli), congratulations to all for a good work!
From 26.05 Nali's dam Brio is a Finnish working champion (Fin KVA)! She is the first female dobermann in Finland achieving this title from IPO (3 times min 270p in IPO-3).

I started a blog about dogsport. It is written in Estonian, but the links are mostly to resources in English, videos etc. Mostly it is for myself to keep some mark of interesting findings, but may be someone else will find it interesting also.
Added pictures from ESLÜ IPO competition.
Added pictures from EDA obedience (KK) championship
EDA Championship in KK (national obedience trial) 2007 (judge Anu Oks):
KK3: Haus Riback Adele & Mari Ojarand I place 132p (very good, max 140p) and also EDA's obedience champions 2007!
Added pictures from BH test. Thank you Helve!
29.04 ESLÜ BH test (judge Paavo Rapila, Finland):
Haus Riback Adele & Mari Ojarand: approved, BH
New pictures: from protection training with Tõnis. Photos by Margit!