9.11 Final exam for EKL obedience trainer (judged by Urve Lageda, Aivo Oblikas and Svetlana Zolotnikova):
Mari Ojarand - passed.

25.10 EDÜ IPO exam (judge Vilve Roosioks, helper Aivo Oblikas):
IPO-2: Haus Riback Adele & Mari Ojarand 283p (very good), 96/91/96 TSB A.
Super result to end the season :)
Nali's protection result is a little historical ;) as it makes her first female dog in Estonia that has been graded "excellent" in IPO C part. Big thanks goes to our (now "officially excellent") helper Aivo.

Events: added pictures from 25.10 IPO exam and 1.11 protection training.
Events: added pictures from protection training (18.10) and ESLÜ FH championships.
Added pictures from Nali at competitions and seminars 2008. Thank you Helve for being so productive with camera! :)
Added pictures from Nali's IPO-1 perfomance on 13.08.2008.
Events: Added pictures from ESLÜ PJK championship 2008.
Videos of Nali's IPO-1 on 13.08 are now up: tracking (38MB), obedience (46MB), protection (34MB). Thank you, Aivo.
Events: added pictures from ESLÜ KK and IPO championships 2008.
13.08 EDA's IPO trial (judge Tatjana Tšernjakova, helper Aivo Oblikas):
IPO-1: Haus Riback Adele & Mari Ojarand 266p (good), 95/92/79 TSB A.

Tracking: Good conditions - thick grass, little wind. Nali worked the track nicely and consistently, right after second corner a little path crossed the track, quick checking there, which caused the line to get tangled around her hindlegs. Indication of the first article was ok, but the second one was slow and not correct enough. Result: 95p (very good).
Obedience: During heeling Nali was not attentive enough, one extra command in group; probably some effect also from training right before trial, which ended with sendaway (motivation near the end of the field). Sit from motion was slow, the other exercises worked out well. Result: 92p (very good).
Protection: Blind search was ok, good hold and bark and calling out from the blind. On the escape the grip was nice, on the re-attack first the grip was not good, but she soon adjusted it. One extra command during heeling while moving to the start point of long attack. On the long attack the grip was too much towards the elbow on the sleeve, but otherwise good. All the outs and guarding phases were nice. Side transport was ok, but without a sit at the end. Result: 79p TSB A (satisfactory).

I wish to thank our trainer Aivo for skillful training, useful tips and inspiring attitude; also our training group for their great support!!

Hopefully some pictures and video will be added soon.
Official results from Nali's hip and elbow dysplasia x-rays: A/A ja 0/0. Nali was also examined neurologically and her neck x-rayed, everything was ok.
Events: added pictures from EKSL IPO championship 2008 in Tamsalu
Events: added pictures from Aivo's protection training on 12.05
Events: added the rest of photos from IDC World Championship for dobermanns in Austria.
08.06 Estonian championship in obedience (KK; judge Vilve Roosioks):
Haus Riback Adele & Mari Ojarand 86p (good) 5th place.
generally I was pleased with our perfomance (according to judge, before the last exercise we were still on a course to "excellent" mark), but the long down was total failure - Nali stood up while the other dog was still doing her first exercise, so 0 from this one.

Marks from the exercises:
Heeling: very good
Sit from motion: very good
Down from running and recall: good
Stand from running and recall: excellent
Bringing the wooden dumbbell: excellent
Bringing the wooden dumbbell over 1m hurdle: excellent
Sending to the object: excellent
Long down: unsatisfactory (0)
Events: added pictures from Estonian team at IDC IPO World Championship in Austria. Other pictures still being processed.
Events: added pictures from EDA's obedience (KK) championship.
Events: added pictures from ESLÜ's IPO competition and Aivo's protection training.
Our results from awarding the best of 2007
EKU most successful sportdog and hadler: obedience (KK/SK) 4th place;
EDA best working dog: 4th place.

Nali's pictures: 3 more galleries from last year's events.
Nali's pictures: 3 galleries from last year's seminars and competitions.