Events: added pictures from ESLÜ's breed survey for german shepherds and exam for new helpers on Dec 5.
15-16.08 ESLÜ championship in IPO (judge Reijo Kojo, helpers Viktor Salalui & Tõnu Mägi):
IPO-3: Haus Riback Adele & Mari Ojarand 264p (good), 90/84/90 TSB A, 3rd place!

We did it!!! Now also IPO-3 result achieved. Feels pretty good!
I was very happy with Nali's perfomance. Of course one could wish for even better, but I found for myself quite a few details, that had improved with recent training.

Tracking. Dirt, some wind. Nali got credit for her work with a deep nose, points were lost on speed of article indication plus some checking in the first corner and on the last leg. Result 90p (very good).
Obedience. No remarkable technical errors. Judgement was most affected by Nali's restless behaviour (some whining etc) and a bit unstable position at heel. During stand from running she took quite many steps before stopping. All the bring exercises wewe "very good". Result 84p (good).
Protection. Good grips, clean outs and nice holding & barking. The blind search was a little wide, distance from the helper on back transport was too long and the dog reacted somewhat on the pressure from the helpers. Result 90p (very good).

Katja took videos from obedience and protection. Our work can be seen here and here. Thank you!

A moment of statistics also ;). With this result Nali is 5th dobermann in Estonia to achieve IPO-3 and 3rd who got this result from the competition. Also first female dog among all breeds to be graded "very good" in IPO-3 protection part.

I want to express my gratitude to all the wonderful people who have helped with our training and kept fingers crossed during competitions!

Biggest thanks goes to Aivo, who has prepared Nali for protection part and also helped finding training opportunities for tracking and obedience; analyze training and work out new solutions plus reminded me never to cease believing in myself and my dog. Thank you!!
25.07 Estonian IPO championship (judge Esa Koivulahti, Findland; helpers Rene Radala & Tõnu Mägi):
IPO-3: Haus Riback Adele & Mari Ojarand -, 5/quitted
First attempt at IPO-3 level. Unfortuantely the trial ended quite quickly for us, as already on the way to the tracking it became clear that Nali had some trouble with her digestion and when put on the track she was more worried about taking care of it rather then working the track.

Events: added picures from Mia Skogster's obedience seminar (27-28.06) and Estonian IPO championship (25.07).
Events: added pictures from EDÜ obedience championship 2009
20.06 TSKK IPO competition (judge Vilve Roosioks, helpers Jevgeni Kaverin & Viktor Salalui):
IPO-2: Haus Riback Adele & Mari Ojarand 272p (very good), 86/93/93 TSB A, 1. place!
First time IPO at the competition. In addition to joy of winning the first place, the amount of experience gathered from trial situation was remarkable. I trained very hard last weeks, probably even overtrained, so I think this had its effect on "fine-tuning" for tracking, that did not work out so well. Taking into consideration the strength and weaknesses of Nali's character I know that her training in all disciplines needs to be quite systematic to give her feeling of confidence but at the same time contain some moments of suprise not to turn out too foreseeable and boring. Some techniques have worked out quite well, but there is also still a lot hard work ahead for the future :). Thanks to Aivo for many useful training-ideas and time for putting them into action.

Events: added pictures from Estonian obedience (KK) championshps (13.06) and TSKK IPO competition (20.06). Thanks to Mairt for helping to take photos at IPO.
02.05 Estonian Dobermann Association's obedience championship (judge Vilve Roosioks):
KK-3 Haus Riback Adele & Mari Ojarand 93p (very good) 1. place!
Opening of the trial season and it's hard not to be pleased with the result :). There was quite nice lineup of participants this time (7). Of the exercises heelwork was certainly not satisfying experience and at the end of retrieving over the hurdle Nali needed two commands to out (something very new ;), the rest of the elements worked out well.

I was also very happy with the results from teams form our training group, congratulations for everyone! Results are listed here (in Estonian only).
New link - homepage of our training group. This page is only in Estonian at least for now.
About us page updated - results and attended seminars 2008.