Events: added pictures from a nice unofficial tracking trial for young/inexperienced dogs (Jäljehunt 2010).
28.09 Nali's EST IPO CH title was made official in Estonian Kennel Union! The feeling is obviously great. I would like to thank the people, without whom this journey could not have taken place - first of all the breeders Kirsi and Mika for the good material and Aivo for the enormous help with training!

Nali in year 2010: at IPO-3 level 2x 1st place, 1x 2nd place, 3x best track in trial, 1x best obedience, 1x best protection.
02-03.10 IPO competition organised by Club Articus (judge Mattias Eriksson, helpers Aivo Oblikas & Rene Radala):
IPO-3: Haus Riback Adele & Mari Ojarand 266p (good), 93/83/90 TSB A, 2. place

After some thinking, I decided to register us also for the last IPO competition this season, so actually we participated in all of them in Estonia this year :). If compared to summer trials, this time the conditions were easier as the temperature was lower. As I did not make any notes after the competition, I won't post any detailed story this time. Generally it was a decent job from Nali, that created a good feeling at the end of this busy season :).
12.09 PKKK national dog show for all breeds in Tallinn (judge Olga Kupriyanova-Šinko, Slovenia):
working class: Haus Riback Adele - good

Yes, it is not so common to come across show news on this webpage. But this time we were really there, the first and the last time :). Big thankts goes to Maris, who was willing to show Nali and of course did an excellent job. I think the description was quite ok :p, although of course the problems with hair were mentioned. I doubt that there was another dog owner so thrilled about the blue ribbon :))
28-29.08 ESLÜ championship in IPO (judge Heiki Hiltunen, helpers Janar Klement & Tõnu Mägi):
IPO-3: Haus Riback Adele & Mari Ojarand 91/72/55 TSB NG (unsatisfactory), best tracking of the competition

After the last great result, I was hesitating quite much, whether to participate in ESLÜ championship, which was 2 weeks after the previous one. Especially I doubted about tracking, as the competition was going to be on dirt field and once again a change from grass to dirt had to be made in quite short period of time. At first I even didn't come across nearly any ploughed fields in our area. Fortunately enough tractors began to work more and more and one and a half weeks before the competition we found a very nice field for training. There was even possible to practice the diagnonals, which had been a problem for Nali at Estonian IPO championship :). Nali was still eager to track during trainings this time and the preparation went quite well. Unfortunately few days before the competition recurred the same scenario as last year before EDÜ IPO championship - Nali suffered from sudden diarrhea :(. It was quite a dilemma, wheter to forget the competition or not. I still had the very unpleasant experience form the last year, but on the other hand Nali was not looking so bad at home environment (not lethargic etc). I was uncertain right until the saturday morning. As the digestion seemed normal then, I still went. I found a bit reassuring, that it was a two-day competition and on the first there was only tracking (I would have cancelled with a 100% certainty if it would have been all parts on the same day).

Tracking. Dirt, uneven, upper surface soft, mixed with dead grass, some changes in terrain (more freshly cultivated), some tractor and car tracks, wind. As I heard from the competititors, tracklayers and other enthusiasts, this was declared to be the most difficult tracking field in Estonian modern IPO times :). Judge however stated the conditions were normal. Judge's general opinion about Nali's nosework - calm, deep nose, step by step. So could you ask for more than that :). On the straight legs the work was really nice and accurate, in all the corners she searched a little, but found the track again and continued confidently with an unchanged speed. One of the hardest moments was the change in terrain, where Nali entered the different surface, got little hesitant and came back, checked all the directions and went again after that. On the last leg she checked some car tracks and stopped working for a moment (lifted her head), but started to work again by herself and until the victorious end this time :). Article indication could have been more confident and accurate, but all of them could be picked up right between the feet. When I thought about Nali's health, I would say that she was a bit more tired and not so intensive as usual. But still super work! Out of 10 competitors in IPO-3, only 2 did the track so Nali had the title of being the best tracking dog. This was already third time this year, completely unbelievable!! (extreamly pleasing still of course:)). In training I changed some details in my methods this spring, mainly from the influence from Aivo and as can be seen, this has had a really good outcome. Result: 91p (very good)

Obedience. After the tracking I took Nali straight home to have a rest, I also fed her 3 times, but the food still was in small amounts and not so nutritious. We were the first ones to do both obedience and protection. During the obedience routine I could clearly see, that Nali was not her normal self. She had some energy, but was not able to control it, so the obedience was just really nervous and messy. During the heeling she was distracted, barking, whining etc. Instead of sitting the did the down and was very restless in that position. Down with recall was more-less ok, in front she was not straight. Stand with recall was quite nice. When bringing the 2 kg dumbbell she moved quite fast, but dropped the dumbbell before she reached me. Picked it up again by herself and brought to me after that. Because of this mistake she got little blocked and did not release the dumbbell instantly on the command. I did not have to give an extra command, but there was a clear delay. With the next exercise I made a mistake myself, stayed farther from the jump, but threw the dumbbell as usual, so it landed quite close behind the jump. Nali made a nice first jump, ran over the dumbbell, found it, but ended up nearly beside the jump by then. She came couple of steps, discovered, that something was not right, jumped from this spot over the jump and then back also. She finished the exercise correctly. As listening to the judge afterwords I understood, that this exercise cost about -10p. Bringing over A-frame and send away were ok and I was also pleased with long down, as Nali stayed the expected time inspite of such a nervous state of mind. So to make it short - a really nervous and confused perfomance, which did not give any reassurance to face the protection part. Result: 72p (satisfactory)

Protection. Before the protection I had couple of times the urge to quit, but at the same time there was a thought, that it's not so different whether to quit or fail. Nali did the protection routine until the last attack, so it was quit a deja vu compared to the last year's occasion of competing with a not so well dog. Previuos work was generally ok, but the lack of strength could be seen from both grip and guarding phases. The judge rated most of the exercises with a "good". After the long attack the judge walked really close to Nali and she was startled by that and directed her attention to judge for a moment. During this confused state the attack from the helper combined with a quite unusual way of pressure was the last drop for her. The feeling after the protection was depressing of course. There was so little missing from the result. But one has to learn from the mistakes and of course I would not ever try to compete with Nali again, when she is not in her best shape. Result: 55p TSB NG (unsatisfactory)
14.08 EDÜ championship in IPO (judge Aivo Oblikas, helpers Tõnu Mägi & Rene Radala):
IPO-3: Haus Riback Adele & Mari Ojarand 277p (very good), 96/91/90 TSB A, best tracking, 1. place!!!

This time there was nicely enough time between the two competitions - 3 weeks. As it was summer and also time for vacation, I had a small pause in training for few days, but generally the training went peacefully as planned. As of tracking, the transition from dirt to grass was much easier for Nali than vice versa. Finding harder surfaces for tracking was a bit a challenge, as most of the fields had long and juicy grass on them at that time. We still managed to find some harder ones and also the last track before the competition was done at a very short and sparse grass.

Tracking>. I think it's worth to mention, that as approching the starting point of my track in my car, I failed to notice a stone near the side of the narrow road and drove over it, resulting a hole in my tyre. But what could I do at that moment, picked up my dog from a car that continued making fizzling sound and went tracking. The field was grass, quite short, had some drier areas, light wind. Nali worked the entire track remarkably calmly. The nice speed also aided for correct article indication. The work on the straight legs was really nice and as I remember, there were practically no mistakes. The corners were a little bit more difficult because of more demanding cover and Nali searched at some of them, but the whole activity was calm and focused and after solving the corner she continued working with an unchanged speed. I was especially impressed by the fact, that although Nali had some little problems on the track, she did not turn nervous (that was her typical reaction to problems earlier), but worked out the solution in a nice and balanced way. I believe, that this change has resulted from training with Aivo during the spring, that contained harder conditions and had many chances for Nali to experience the problem solving in a safe way. Result: 96p (excellent)

Obedience. Changing the tyre on a soft little road took time and had some nervous moments, but fortunately I still managed to arrive to the obedience field on time :). Thanks goes to Silver who helped a lot with the car. I was generally quite pleased with the obedience. Heeling was still not nearly as attentive as it should be and instead of sitting Nali chose to down. From the spectators' feedback I heard, that the down itself was very fast and staying was calm :), but the mark was obviously unsatisfactory. I liked the stand exercise, that has become nicely balanced with trainings lately. All the bringing exercises were ok, only the 2 kg was with too big arc. I suspected Nali chose the direction according to the flying of the dumbbell, but after landing it actually bumped several times to one side and she therefore she went looking for it from the wrong place at first. Sendout was very good, she ran fast and went down also neatly. I was very happy about the long down, that has had considerably larger part in our training than before. Nali was calm and got "excellent", which is quite rare case for us. Result: 90p (very good)

Protection. C part was also quite nice. Before the start we did a little warm-up for Nali with "assistant helper" Meeli :)). Blinds could have been searched more tightly and barking in the blind shown in a more dominant and intensive way. I was satisfied with the attacks, there was some reaction to pressure from the helpers, but it was quite minor. Outs and other parts of obedience were ok. Result: 91p TSB A (very good)

Of course I am very-very happy about the first place and the title :). In addition, Nali has now fulfilled all the requirements from trails to become Estonian Working Champion in IPO. So - next stop - the dogshow! :p
24.07 Estonian IPO championship (judge Alfons van den Bosch, helpers Jevgeni Kaverin & Janar Klement):
IPO-3: Haus Riback Adele & Mari Ojarand 5/82/89 TSB A (unsatisfactory), best protection of the competition!

2 weeks after the last competition and with a little different result this time :). I would say from this experience, that the time for preparation turned out to be too short. Initially I spent 3 days at our summer home, that meant no training for Nali, but still not much actual rest because of the living conditions there. The next 8 days were spent training and the last 2 left for resting. Although I think I tried to keep the amount of training reasonable, it was still too much for Nali. Tracking suffered the most. Before the EKSL championship we trained only on grass and after that it seemed quite a challenge to get Nali accustomed with dirt during 1 week time. I started with short and motivating tracks and they were nice, but as the tracks increased in difficulty (plus energy spent on other disciplines), Nali looked quite tired on last few of them. And as I suspected, this part indeed had its set-back during the trial. As Nali was quite happy and energetic during B & C parts, I concluded that there was otherwise enough time to recover, but it still did not manage to compensate for the tiring emotions received from the last tracks.

Tracking. Dirt, cultivated, partly soft, partly little more structured, little wind. Part of the track, including the first leg, was diagnonally in respect to the "grooves" on the field. The period before the track was nervous, first I had to run to the draw, ended up with first track of the group, at that point it was already time to start with that track and it became clear, that my car was parked too far. So to make it short - uncommon running in a usually calm tracking environment :). Nali started the track sufficiently correct and confident, but the diagonal direction was hard for her and as she went on the confidence started to fade. After about 15 m of track, while actually being pefrectly on it, she had some doubts about being at the right place. Next she left the track to both sides and then after finding it again came back to me along the already worked track and started to search around me. As she moved both forward and back precisely along the track, the tracking line stayed twofold on the track and did not make it any easier for the already confused dog. So finally she gave up and the extra commands also did not help anymore. I found it very nice, that the judge allowed to work the track after that as a training. I let Nali track it until the second article, that was on the second leg. Result: 5p (unsatisfactory)

Obedience. It was totally unbelievable, that compared to the 27-30 degrees weather, that dominated for several weeks, the trial day was nicely cool and without any sun :)) Without rain also. Exceptionally dog friendly! As aresult of the draw, we had long down as a first exercise, followed by the rest. I was happy with the long down, Nali still whined some, but stayed on one place without any movements. During heeling she was unfortunately once again quite distracted, the sit out of motion was slow. When coming to me after lying down, I was watching, wow, what a speed, I wonder, if she would stop also. She did not :). Hit me so hard, that I almost fell. I had not seen this kind of mistake in a very-very long time. Stand from running was ok, coming to me also very quick, but with a polite ending this time. I think we even got an applause from the audience from this one :). All the bringing exercises and jumps were great, only comment from the judge was, that could have liked even stronger holding of the dumbbell (all very good). And then came a pretty surprising version of send away. Nali went fast and quite straight, but after the down-command she turned and started to come back with the same speed. After a moment of just staring I gathered myself and gave (translation: yellled) an extra command and with that we had this exercise completed also. Result: 82p (good)

Protection. I was once again very satisfied with Nali's protection. Mark very good was lost because of some small obedience problems. So a pity of course, but funny at the same time :). And it still was the best protection of the championships among a really outstanding lineup! :)) Judge mentioned that Nali had disturbed the helper 3 times in the blind. As I could not get any excact description about it from the spectators, I hope there will be a video to clarify it some day. 3 next exercises (escape, attack, back transport) were rated excellent :). During the attack from the back transport Nali reacted first on the judge's voice signal (for the helper) and after that to helper, so the response was not as sure as it could have been. Long attack was ok, but when disarming the helper I managed to drop the stick and Nali decided, that this was a nice signal to continue guarding and jumped against the helper. So there went this very good score :), but it was nice to see Nali enjoying herself. Result: 89p TSB A (good)

I want to thank the organizers for a really nice event. For the help beside the field also Aivo and Tiina.

All the results can be seen here.
Pictures made by Helen and Key.
10-11.07 Estonian Dogsports Association's IPO championships (judge Vilve Roosioks, helpers Rene Radala & Janar Klement):
IPO-3: Haus Riback Adele & Mari Ojarand 276p (very good), 96/90/90 TSB A, 1. place!

Very happy about the result, really hard to find something to complain about :)). Nali did a very nice job, giving everything she had to give and sometimes even more. The trial was organized well and the conditions were good (except probably the heat not so common in our climate), but out of 8 starters in IPO-3, only 2 got the result this time.

Tracking. Grass, quite short, soft, some car tracks, very little wind. Nali worked the whole track with a deep nose and even speed, on the 4th leg there was some checking sideways on some car tracks. All the corners were perfect, excact and confident! First article was ok, second was not so confident and not straight, third also not straight. The tracking was really super and I am so happy with it, also creating the right mindset before the trial worked out well this time :). Result: 96p (excellent)
Obedience. I was very pleased with the obedience. Inspite of the hot weather and strating with long down, Nali had the energy and will to wotk the whole routine. Long down was the most unsuccessful exercise, Nali stood up and moved some steps quite soon, then she stood and eventually lied down again. Heeling was in my opinion one of the best recently, sit and down were a little slow, stand on the other hand a bit too fast :P. Bringing exercises were fast (rated excellent), send away could have been faster, but was straight and down was also quick. Result 90p (very good)
Protection. Searching the blinds was ok, the barking in the blind could have been more confident, was checking the people behind the blind at some moments. Grips and guarding phases were good. At some outs she released before the command was given and also reacted on the pressure from the helpers (some growling). All the control parts were ok. Result 90p TSB A (very good)

As a person interested in statistics ;), I would like to mention, that Nali is only 5th dog in Estonia to receive the "very good" in IPO-3. The other 4 have been male GSD-s :)

Some thank you-s:
First biggest gratitude to Aivo, who has made and organized so many good trainings, given sound advice and been supportive on more occasions than I could possibly count. Even the times, when I have not agreed to everything at the moment, it has turned out later that it still was valuable :).
I thank Killu for the help with obedience during the endless winter and many enjoyable conversations, that have kept my mind sharp.
Also I would like to thank Monika for being the head of our fanclub beside the field and also all the nice people in the training group and outside it, who have kept fingers crossed for us!
Events: pictures from Estonian national obedience championship, 2 galleries. This time a subtitle could be "running dogs" :)
Renewing the homepage a little, everything not working properly at the moment :). There is going to be significantly more information in English compared to the old version. Also from less visible side, more cool stuff like css, php and mysql and less tables, which could mean easier updating from now on. I hope this makes me add new things more often ;).
15.05 Estonian Dobermann Association's obedience championship (judge Urve Lageda):
KK-3 Haus Riback Adele & Mari Ojarand 88p (good) 4-5. place
All results can be found here.
Generally I was satified with Nali's perfomance, there were no great technical mistakes. Heeling was little better than at some previous trials. Most of the points was lost on heeling (distracted state of mind, partly hindering my movement), calling from and sending to assigned place (restless lying both in the beginning and at the end of exercise) and long down (very restless). So we take this feedback into consideration and keep on training!
On the dark evenings of last autumn and winter I did some programming and the result - database of Estonian trialresults - can be found here.
Events: added pictures from the FCI IPO World Championship 2009.
On february 24th, Estonian Dobermann Association awarded its best from last year. Our result was EDÜ best working dog 2009: 2nd place (406.95p).
Events: added (already somewhat historical ;) pictures from the IDC World Championship 2009.
Updated the list of attended seminars with events from year 2009.